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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are molars that grow in the back of your mouth, usually appearing in the late teens or twenties. It’s common for wisdom teeth to become impacted (meaning they do not erupt from the gums normally) and cause tenderness, swelling or severe pain. Our experienced team will remove your wisdom teeth with no hassles.

What to expect during your procedure

Before we extract your wisdom tooth, we provide a general anaesthetic to numb the area around the teeth. Patients are usually advised not to eat or drink for several hours before surgery. Your dentist will give you personalised instructions during your visit. You will sleep through the procedure, ensuring a pain-free experience.

The recovery process

Most patients recover within a few days of treatment. There are many ways to minimise your discomfort and recovery time, including:
  • Prop your head up with pillows to stop bleeding.
  • Apply an ice pack to the outside of your cheek.
  • Relax and avoid strenuous activity.
  • Eat soft foods, such as pudding or soup.
  • Avoid using straws, as the suction can cause bleeding.
  • Continue to carefully brush your teeth.

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