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General dental treatments

Our name isn’t just for show. We offer the essential treatments and services you need for proper oral health and hygiene. Avoid painful problems down the road for you and your family. For x-rays, cleaning, fillings and more, give our office a call today to schedule a visit.
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Teeth whitening

A smile is the best way to make a great first impression. But many people are self-conscious about the colour of their teeth! We can help you find confidence and a beautiful smile with our professional teeth whitening service.
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Dental implants

Missing teeth don’t just affect your looks. They can also lead to chewing problems and gum loss. Our team will provide you with customised implants that comfortably and discreetly fill the gaps in your teeth, making your smile 
whole again.
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Teeth cleaning

During your routine check-up, we will thoroughly clean teeth and remove plaque and other types of build-up. This is an important step to preventing gum disease, tooth decay and more. Visit us today to get clean, healthy teeth.
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Amalgam (mercury) free dentistry

Mercury is commonly used in some dental filling mixtures. These can lead to mercury poisoning. At Essential Dental for Life, we 
are continually updating our techniques 
and equipment. We proudly offer mercury-
free products, so you can enjoy worry-
free treatments.

We have provided high-quality service since 1993

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