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Attractive dentures, crowns & bridges in Cairns

Making proper dental care easy & enjoyable

Why should you get dentures?

Contrary to common belief, losing teeth affects more than just your looks. Soon after you lose teeth, you also begin to lose gum and bone mass. Over time, this loss of tissue can lead to serious problems, such as nutritional problems and health disorders. We can provide attractive, comfortable dentures to fill in the gaps and save you pain and stress in the future.

Crowns & bridges

Crowns and bridges are attractive solutions for missing or damaged teeth. Crowns are thin caps that are placed over an existing tooth. Bridges consist of two caps with ‘floating’ teeth in between. Our experienced team will provide these high-quality, beautiful features to fill the gaps in your teeth.

Find your smile again

At Essential Dental for Life, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a confident smile. We carefully match the colour and fit of your dentures, crowns and bridges to your mouth, so nobody will think twice about your teeth (except when they notice how great they look). Visit our friendly team today and get help restoring your smile.

We only use quality, mercury-free products

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